• Meet Lars

    Lars Peter Hansen is a leading expert in economic dynamics. He works at the forefront of economic thinking and modeling, drawing approaches from macroeconomics, finance, and statistics. Read More

  • Uncertainty

    “While uncertainty is unavoidable and pervasive in our lives, in many discussions of economic analysis and policy, it unfortunately takes a backseat. We should instead push uncertainty to the forefront of our thinking." Read More

  • New Working Paper on Macroeconomic Uncertainties

    "Macroeconomic Uncertainty Prices when Beliefs are Tenuous," co-authored with Thomas J. Sargent, was released in December 2016 and updated in December 2018. Read More

Recent Events

May 8, 2022

Hansen to give keynote speech on "Central Banking Challenges Posed by Uncertain Climate Change and Natural Disasters at the 2022 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Colloquium