Hansen Joins Laureates in Signing Letter in Support of Precision Agriculture (GMOs)

Lars Peter Hansen joined more than 100 fellow Nobel laureates in signing a letter calling on Greenpeace to stop its opposition to the improvement of crops and food through biotechnology, a process commonly known as GMO or precision agriculture. The letter identifies the challenges of meeting growing world demand for food and cites the lack of evidence of the negative consequences of the agricultural practice.

“Scientific and regulatory agencies around the world have repeatedly and consistently found crops and foods improved through biotechnology to be as safe as, if not safer than those derived from any other method of production. There has never been a single confirmed case of a negative health outcome for humans or animals from their consumption. Their environmental impacts have been shown repeatedly to be less damaging to the environment, and a boon to global biodiversity.”

Link to Letter (SupportPrecisionAgriculture.org)

Washington Post