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January 2011 | Article

Risk Price Dynamics

Lars Peter Hansen, Jaroslav Borovička, Mark Hendricks, José A. Scheinkman

We present a novel approach to depicting asset-pricing dynamics by characterizing shock exposures and prices for alternative investment horizons. We quantify the shock exposures in terms of elasticities that measure the impact of a current shock on future cash flow growth. The elasticities are designed to accommodate nonlinearities in the stochastic evolution modeled as a Markov process. Stochastic growth in the underlying macroeconomy and stochastic discounting in the representation of asset values are central ingredients in our investigation. We provide elasticity calculations in a series of examples featuring consumption externalities, recursive utility, and jump risk.

This paper was originally presented as the Journal of Financial Econometrics Lecture at the June 2009 SoFiE conference.

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